We are  looking for an experience Lead Engineer Piping Cadmatic (permanent or contract)

The Lead Engineer Piping works with  the Project Manager to monitor the quality of the shipbuilding engineering projects in the  Engineering’s offices.



  • Extensive Experience in routing with Cadmatic
  • Extensive Experience in working with the E-browser
  • Background in shipbuilding/Yachtbuilding
  • To be able to interprete P&IDs correctly and to report errors in them
  • Realizing, recognizing and anticipating the relationship with the Construction discipline (including Cadmatic-Nupas relationship)
  • Good knowledge of the production processes in shipbuilding
  • Good knowledge of production processes in piping, as possible and impossibilities in production, applied materials and standards, etc.
  • Be able to check/control the work of others
  • Ability of being creative in solving “impossibilities” and supporting/training engineers in it.
  • Being aware of the regulations or to be able to find your way through them.(For Yachts LY3)
  • It’s also a plus if he/she has experience in developing schema’s . But if you can understand and apply them, the step towards making them is near.
  • It is a plus if one speaks also Dutch.


Tasks in Project implementation:

  • Knowing the expected deliverables in piping for all projects of our engineering’s company.
  • Take notice of specific requirements/specifications for a project or for a customer.
  • Guidance of the Project Engineers, Designers and/or Draftsmen from the start of their project assignments.
  • Guidance in the quality of execution of the he work from the engineers, designers, draftsman, according to the project/customer specific requirements
  • Regularly monitoring the content of the project deliverables and documents.
  • Performing the final check before the documents leaving towards the customer.
  • Monitoring the quality standards and modalities as described in the project scope.


Project Planning:

  • Indicate to the Project Manager the impact of technical choices on deliverables and planning.
  • Determine from a technical point of view the approach of a project.


Role domain:

  • Quality monitoring & technical support
  • Project Management
  • Execution of the process
  • Knowledge development
  • Multi ambassadorship




Lead Engineer Piping Cadmatic – Shipbuilding / Yachtbuilding- Vlissingen.