Germany one of the first Western countries to start immunizing people against Covid-19 under a plan being rolled out by the government and German companies.

We are looking for nurses and doctors to support our client during 6 months-  large scale Vaccination campaign. To apply //–Doctors–Vaccination-project-in-Germany/

  • 6 months
  • Diploma recognized by German authorities
  • English language is a must, some German language skill
  • Locations Offenbach and Augsburg other locations

Vaccination is one of the great public health achievements of human history. Under recommended conditions, all vaccines used in national immunization programmes are safe and effective if used correctly. Vaccines are, however, not risk-free and adverse events will occasionally occur following vaccination. Public trust in vaccine safety is key to the success of vaccination programs.

A mass vaccination campaign is a particular and a historical challenge. It involves administration of vaccine doses to a large population over a short period of time. As a result, adverse events may be more noticeable to staff and to the public.

You will learn about the importance of immunization programs and how vaccines work. You will understand the relationship between vaccine coverage, adverse events and disease spread. You will also learn about the importance of vaccine regulations in ensuring the effectiveness of vaccine initiatives.  Approaches may differ due to factors such as how immunization services are organized and the level of resources available.

Common safety issues or concerns in vaccination campaigns include the following points.

Vaccination Recruitment Campaign in Germany
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